Association of Finnish Pharmacies (AFP)

Elimäenkatu 5
FI-00510 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 10 6801 400 / info center

Fax: 09 647 167


General: info(at)
Database of the Pharmaceutical Preparations: taksa(at)
Privacy: privacy(at)
Personal: firstname.surname(at)

Risto Kanerva

Merja Hirvonen
Chief Executive Officer;
overall management and coordination of the AFP; international relations

Charlotta Sandler
Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs;
direction and planning of pharmaceutical issues, matters relating to the SII

Erkki Kostiainen
Director of Communications, M.Sc. (Pharm.);
coordination and development of AFP communications, media relations, publications, web services (content)

Nella Paakkolanvaara
Financial and Administrative Director

Mika Kuivamäki
ICT Director

Elina Aaltonen
Brand Manager, M.Sc. (Pharm.)

Hanna Hyvärinen
Managing Editor of the Apteekkari journal (Pharma-Press Ltd);
publishing of the Apteekkari journal

Markus Manner
Development manager

Suvi Levänen
Product Information manager;
responsible for the AFP database of pharmaceutical preparations

Arto Hokkanen
Expert Pharmacist;
ePrescriptions, online pharmacies

Tiina Koskenkorva
Expert Pharmacist; M.Sc. (Pharm.), Medication review (LHA) Specialist;
Medication safety, pharmacy services

Henna Kyllönen
Expert Pharmacist, M. Sc. (Pharm.), Medication review (LHA) Specialist;
Clinical pharmacy services, OTC medicines, training matters, secretary of the AFP education advisory board