Association of Finnish Pharmacies (AFP)

Pieni Roobertinkatu 14 C
FI-00120 Helsinki, Finland

Tel. +358 10 6801 400 / info center


+358 9 647 167 / Info Center
+358 9 611 510 / Pharmaceutical dept.
+358 9 260 0281 / Database of the Pharmaceutical Preparations


General: info(at)
Database of the Pharmaceutical Preparations: taksa(at)
Personal: firstname.surname(at)

Marja Ritala

Merja Hirvonen
Chief Executive Officer;
overall management and coordination of the AFP; international relations

Sirpa Peura
Director of Pharmaceutical Affairs, M.Sc. (Pharm.);
direction and planning of pharmaceutical issues, matters relating to the SII, workplace sickness benefit payments, dose-dispensing services

Erkki Kostiainen
Director of Communications, M.Sc. (Pharm.);
coordination and development of AFP communications, media relations, publications, web services (content)

Ilkka Harjula
Financial and Administrative Director;
pharmacy economics and financial analysis, secretary of AFP board and executive committee

Ari Jansen
Development manager, M.Sc. (Pharm.);
responsible for the AFP database of pharmaceutical preparations

Saija Leikola
Expert Pharmacists, Ph.D. (Pharm.);
Heart and Diabetes Programme in Pharmacies, education and employment issues, secretary of the AFP committee of pharmaceutical affairs and AFP education committee

Johanna Salimäki
Expert Pharmacist, Lic. Pharm.;
information about medicines, Tietotippa database, Asthma Programme in Pharmacies, patient safety

Iiro Salonen
Expert pharmacist, M.Sc. (Pharm.);
ePrescriptions, online pharmacies

Sanna Siissalo
Expert pharmacist, Ph.D. (Pharm.);
Drug preparations and compounding, chemicals, foodstuffs and food supplements, quality assurance issues, OTC, secretary of the AFP committee on contract compounding